Steve Aoki & Me @ Neidklub

That was quite an intense night. I mean, I knew when Steve’ll come all the hipsters, shakers and party people will be here early. But to see a queue lined up half the Reeperbahn half an hour before club opens? Wow. So no warm-up job this time, club was packed at 12. Seriously packed. Everybody ready to party. That was fun big time, as everyone was there to dance and having fun. In the end I played almost 5 hours all in together. Loved it. Steve btw is a real polite and nice guy, almost shy. The sound is not 100% my thing though, but hey, I’m not 18 anymore, so that’s maybe meant this way. Big up to my man An-Dré aka BetweenTheLines for capturing that extravaganza.

Bonus: One of the songs that real lifted off that night.

Sanners „Salvation (Don Diablo Disco Dub)“ (via RCDLBL)

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