Erol Alkan

I cannot say how much I suggest to go to Neidklub in Hamburg tomorrow. The grandmaster Mr. Alkan himself comes to spin, support by my man Shakes Milano. I’ll be there, for sure. Warm up … Read more →

Okäi’s May Favourites

Sect feat. Ben Westbeech – In The Park (DJ Kicks) Wow. This is summer. Deepness connaisseurs Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb pick this for their DJ kicks. Already a track of the year. Daniel … Read more →

Club der Töchter

I have to say: I had worse DJ-gigs than this. Nike is doing some sort of marketing event for young ladies intersted in doing  jogging and running in small communities. It’s called “Club der Töchter“. … Read more →

Lacoste Live with Pedro

Lots of fun last night. Lacoste opened up a huge flagship store in Hamburg. Store opening itself was … yeah … it just was. Son of Sarkozy played Discohouse. Impressing. Not at all. But as … Read more →

Was gone fishing.

Lack of updates in the past weeks. Shame on me but I had good reasons: I moved with my fam. So besides the usual 3419 things to handle I also had to move my vinyl … Read more →