Okäi’s May Favourites

Sect feat. Ben Westbeech – In The Park (DJ Kicks) Wow. This is summer. Deepness connaisseurs Soul Clap and Wolf + Lamb pick this for their DJ kicks. Already a track of the year. Daniel … Read more →

Okai’s October Favourites

A lot of good songs out at the moment. Quite a big list therefore. No particular order at all.

Okäi’s September Favourites

Cee-Lo „Fuck You“ (Video) Cee-Lo is back. Good. Very good. I liked „Georgia“ as well, but this is going to be a classic. Chiddy Bang „The Good Life“ (192 via WAWSTSF) I’ve not finally decided … Read more →

Okäi’s August Favourites

Aeroplane „We Can’t Fly (Extended Drums)“ (Beatport) Of course extended drums. If there would alway be a choice of extended drums I’d always pick extended drums. Give me the breaks, DJ-friendly. What a comeback-track, sadly … Read more →

Okai’s May Favourites

I know there’s been a lack of chart-posting recently. But here we go again..my May favs so far through all tastes..no particular order (in fact my itunes add-order).. The Krays feat. Ebony Bones “We’re Ready When … Read more →

Okäi’s Favourites 2009 – Part IV (Rest from the Best)

So here’s the final toplist of 2009. As you can see – I’m quite into lists. Favourite nerd ish. The 4th fav’s list is the stuff which doesn’t really fit into one of the other … Read more →

Okäi’s Favourites 2009 – Part III (4 To The Floor)

So this is the third of my ’09 favs. Pure electronic dancefloor stuff which I might play when i play saturdays @neidklub or thursdays @jeudi. Strictly 4 to the floor. Okäi’s Top 15 4 To The … Read more →

Okäi’s Favourites 2009 – Part II (Soul)

Part 2 of my ’09 favs. I have to say: R&B is Soul to me. So there’s a lot of R&B in this Soul chart. (edit: links added) Okäi’s Top 15 Soul Tracks of 2009

Okäi’s 2009 Favourites – Part I (Rap)

I don’t think December is the right time to review the year because you leave out what’s happening in December. So I go for January. Nowadays all genres kind of merge. Weezy is doing rock, … Read more →