Sound Pellegrino – Teki Latex

Had the pleasure to DJ with Teki the other night at Neidklub. Awesome guy with lots of good stories from Paris. I always enjoy meeting guys who have a deep hip hop background but managed … Read more →

Okai’s October Favourites

A lot of good songs out at the moment. Quite a big list therefore. No particular order at all.

Okäi’s September Favourites

Cee-Lo „Fuck You“ (Video) Cee-Lo is back. Good. Very good. I liked „Georgia“ as well, but this is going to be a classic. Chiddy Bang „The Good Life“ (192 via WAWSTSF) I’ve not finally decided … Read more →

Assoto Sounds 10 years celebration

Wow. I’m overwhelmed. We’re doing this thing since ten years now. Quite some time for a party series. More later, gotta get my stuff ready for tonight. Just get down tonight, it’s gonna be an … Read more →

Okäi’s August Favourites

Aeroplane „We Can’t Fly (Extended Drums)“ (Beatport) Of course extended drums. If there would alway be a choice of extended drums I’d always pick extended drums. Give me the breaks, DJ-friendly. What a comeback-track, sadly … Read more →

Okai’s May Favourites

I know there’s been a lack of chart-posting recently. But here we go May favs so far through all particular order (in fact my itunes add-order).. The Krays feat. Ebony Bones “We’re Ready When … Read more →

Plantlife & Jack Splash

In the late 90s the underground label counterflow released a couple of nice indy 12”s, some were good some not mentionable. But out of nowhere came Plantlife in ’04, consisting of Jack Splash and Panda … Read more →

Out The Vault II – I Wonder Why Blend

There is this mash-up I did once for an old Assoto Mixtape, combining the Vocals from Tony Touch &  Total “I Wonder Why” with the Scott Storch beat for Christina Aguilera & Lil Kim “Can’t … Read more →

Recent Noteworthy Tracks II

Again, some interesting new tracks bubblin out of the web this week.. Mayer Hawthorne “Maybe So, Maybe No (King Most Rmx)” feat. Kanye & Clipse King Most is doin real nice Mash-Ups, not just blends. … Read more →

Super Producers I – Just Blaze

I’m quite excited. Next week Just Blaze is going to visit our “Assoto Connaiseur Klub” for the third time to drop another mega set. I mean – the last two times he played around 4 … Read more →