Sound Pellegrino – Teki Latex

Had the pleasure to DJ with Teki the other night at Neidklub. Awesome guy with lots of good stories from Paris. I always enjoy meeting guys who have a deep hip hop background but managed to get a good foot into the electronic scene. I also thought I recorded the set we played which I found very nice and futuristic, but my recorder’s SD-card was full, so it just took the first 20 minutes. Useless.

Nevermind. Teki gave me this real nice tune from their last Label-Compilation which I play regularily. If you didn’t do already you should check out the label. Always quality stuff.

Rennaissance Man – What Is Guru (dOP Rmx)

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Finally I recommend you dig this fabolous joint by Teki’s former group TTC which we also featured one of our Assoto-mixes:

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