I had the pleasure to dj at a weddingparty im Miami last month. Normally I don’t dj at weddingparties anymore, because most of the times you can’t do it right for everyone and you have to play a lot of music you normally wouldn’t play, or at least not that many of that songs, if you know what I mean. Same thing for any private occasion party. This one was totally different. Just 30-40 people, any age, and they all got soul. What more can you ask for? I didn’t play just one of these songs you wouldn’t play. Just the good soulful music. And everyone was dancing all night non-stop. Great. The location was awesome too: Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Miami, with a view to skyscrapers and the beach. Sounds corny, but: such a Miami Vice meets Scarface meets Loveboat atmosphere.

Theme song for this – of course (OF COURSE!) – Miami Sound Machine. The Instrumental almost without any of Gloria’s vocals is nice too, if you didn’t know it, grab it. Got some nice Ad-Libs, too. Record has been played a couple of times (a real couple of) already, so enjoy the static.

MSM – C. (12” Instrumental)

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