Acid Kids

Last weekend was killer. Neidklub had its third birthday and was celebrating it the right way. Two days of excellent DJ’s and awesome crowd. Played on both nights, on friday just a little soul and rap warm-up set alongside my Assoto partner Reef and crazy guy Flashdance aka Jan Delay. Saturday a long electro-set with the Acid Kids from Berlin and Ingolstadt. Originally Feadz was planned to play on saturday as well, but the ashes from iceland caused his flight to get cancelled. So it was just me and Acid Kids, but I gotta say, we rocked the spot right.

The Acids are not only really nice guys, but decent DJ’s. I’m not a big a fan of electro sets were tension is on 150% all the time and it’s just pure pressure. They did it alright, had a nice storyline and played some amazing tracks.

Luckily they gave me two fantastic tracks to present here. They’ve already been released but here they come in nice short edits. Mad Mahoney is thick funk to the fullest, Zongamin does it right, while the Emperor Machine‘s Remix to Mitch is more on the Discolectro trip. Really feel both tracks.

Mad Mahoney (Zongamin Short Edit Remix)

Mitch (Emperor Machine Short Edit Remix)

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