Out The Vault II – I Wonder Why Blend

There is this mash-up I did once for an old Assoto Mixtape, combining the Vocals from Tony Touch &  Total “I Wonder Why” with the Scott Storch beat for Christina Aguilera & Lil Kim “Can’t Hold Us Down”. I used to do it life on the fly back then on one or another party. Now I finally took my time to do the mash-up properly. It might not be the ultra-thing, because both weren’t such big hits that many people will have that “Aha-Mhm”-effect that mash-ups usually are about to generate. Nevertheless I appreciate both songs as good club-tracks and while Tony’s original version is really cool but sounds quite crunchy, the Piano Man beat gives it more of a 2000-crispy-clean sound-aesthetic.

I Wonder Why / Can’t Hold Us Down (Okäi Blend)

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