Teddy Pendergrass (R.I.P.) / The B.U.M.S. “Free My Mind”

Another great soul legend gone. Too sad.

I got in touch with his music (I mean: really in touch, not just hearing something on the radio) the first time in 1995 when west coast underground group “The B.U.M.S.” released their first single “Elevation (Free My Mind)” which sampled “Close The Door”. Original Assoto member Broke L’Enders brought up the 12” promo single. “Free My Mind” was running up and down on my system – real nice, relaxed mid-90s rap gem. Logically I dug up the sample shortly afterwards, “Close The Door” is on “Life Is A Song Worth Singing” from 1978 and can be found anywhere. Classic Teddy cut.

Here’s the B.U.M.S. video and a 320 rip from the “Elevation”-CDM.

Elevation (Free My Mind) (Dirty Version)

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